They’re too small to put rubber bands around, what should I do for now? Download Scouting For Boys PDF for free. The pods open when the seeds are ready to go so you can just reach in and take as many as you need. For more, see my post on Milkweed Silk. It also serves as a food source for Monarchs as well as many other pollinator species. I have twenty Caterpillars in the house yet in different instars,think these will be able to do their thing and go south also ? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. You can sow milkweed seeds by scattering them on the soil surface 1/4-1/2 inch apart, and then cover them with about 1/4 inch of additional soil. Can the seeds just be scattered or does the soil need to be prepared in any way? Am going to try and add another type of milkweed but not sure what kind? Watch the seam on the milkweed pod which will start out thin and difficult to see eventually widening and turning pale. Do not collect open pods with numerous milkweed bugs on the seeds or pods. There were probably 25 other seeds including black eyed Susans, goldenrod. reach inside the tip of the pod and grab the tip of the fluff. Living in southern California I figured I have Monarchs all over the place. We have created many valuable partnerships through our collection, and have plenty of milkweed seed coming in. Now it’s up t Mother nature. They were a good size but disappeared a few days after I spotted them. Seeds that are too young will appear orangish and translucent on the edges. I have set aside almost 5 acres for a Monarch habitat starting this year. Click here to order my children's book THE BEAVERS' BUSY YEAR. ). Because if you plant with the fluff attached, all it takes is a light breeze and your efforts are literally gone with the wind. Any chance that I can contact “Irene”, the lady that wants seeds for her 40 acre garden? Planting in the Spring. I still have a few seeds from the packet I bought last year off eBay (in case they’re not quite hardy here and I need to replant) but I want to share seeds with some friends. Will they continue to ripen? Milkweed seed pods - Buggy Joe Oct 22, 2020. While this method seems to separate the fluff, there is no mention of germination rate afterward. Just started 36 deep pots of this seed this spring. I went to goggle, found your website, and am now a monarch rescuer devotee. Like all true bugs, their mouthparts (rostrum) are not adapted for biting and chewing food, but are designed for piercing and sucking. When we ‘pot’ our swamp milkweed, we do so in the spring when the shoots start to emerge. This is quite a service. Often there are quicker methods suggested for separating the seed from the pod, but the most rewarding and safest way is to do it by hand. I just started with Monarch’s this season and I’ve raised 30 and released all but 6….I live on 32 acres in MD and have space for a GOOD milk weed garden…. any ideas? Common milkweed plants grow to about 2 to 4 feet in height, with a thin, vertical growth habit. So I assume they eventually turned in to Butterflies. seeds, you won’t have viable seeds for planting. Will they produce? If you find yourself with more seeds than you can use, here are a few ideas: Offer them to gardening friends I hit the pod lottery in one area and have already separated the seeds from the slightly cracked pods and separated the fluff. Hi Laurie, much of the perennial milkweed species in Michigan will not thrive in your region. I have this plant inside in my garden window protecting those seeds. Help please. I’ll show you the right timing for collecting milkweed seeds from existing plants and how to sow the seeds. Good luck! Collecting Milkweed Seeds. What an outstanding post, Mary. Leave the seeds in a bowl until they are thoroughly dry. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I’m in southern Louisiana it’s getting a little colder but I dunno if that’s enough I took in 5 monarch cats from the TM today so something is working. Milkweed seed ripens inside the pods at varying times, but a majority of it ripens between mid to late September. If you need seeds for planting, please check out my milkweed resources page for more options: I am having a huge problem with the red and black milkweed bugs on the blossoms of my milkweed just waiting for the seed pods. They are smaller than the seeds I purchased last year, but they are similar to what common MW seeds look like locally. The plant was about 4 feet tall and the pods were slender and smooth. Good luck. Lots of work but turn out great. I found one big girl eating a milkweed seed pod! I am hopeful that most butterflies have been able to start their journey from Canada. #142209352 - Beautiful milkweed (Asclepias) seed pod in black and white, opening.. Would like to know if there is any special tasks needed to ensure good plant growth. Do people have better luck winter sowing outdoors in plastic containers or starting the seed indoors? Milkweed Seed Pod Collection. ( Log Out /  zone 5. It is fall and we have harvested the seeds. I am in zone 9 in central California so I know I should cut it back. This is great news for the Monarch Butterflies and Caterpillars since the Monarchs depend on milkweeds as host plants. All the fluff … The pod is still tightly closed so seeds are not ripe. I've used the dried pods to create lovely wreaths easily & at minimal cost. Sowed seed by hand and dragged the it by hand. She was half way through it. If I see another monarch this fall, and if I can capturing, I will in a heartbeat drive four hours to put it in the hands of someone who is driving to Florida next week. CAREERS. Should I wait until January, or after refrigerating seeds, start them now–ion the fall? the seeds ran about $450 per acre and each acre of seed would fill a couple of coffee cans. CONTACT US. These common household items can be lightly secured around milkweed pods to keep them from bursting open. Granted I may be paying more attention now but that can’t be all of it in this case. Hi Janet, my guess is somewhere around freezing 32° F but I would move one indoors if it was below 50° F. I have found small caterpillars alive after it dipped down to 31° F…. Here more info on fall planting: Why does the white fluff have to be removed to plant the milkweeds seeds but in nature they are wind sown with the fluff??? After you remove the seeds, you’ll want to let them dry out for 3 days to a week. So if I planted the seeds this spring they won’t come up? I have about an acre of land between my yard and a wet land area. I’m in zone 6. How to Grow Milkweed From Seed. If you don’t have any more seeds to harvest in your garden, perhaps you could try a local park or ask a neighbor. Be sure the pod is free of all flies, milkweed beetles and other seed eating pests. Meanwhile, I will spend my day putting organza bags around the still green milkweed pods in my garden. Check out Asclepias perennis. Hi Pat, I would try planting some and see what happens. Milkweed is the only host plant for the monarch butterfly for egg laying and caterpillar rearing. A cousin of the better-known common milkweed, swamp milkweed is an attractive flowering perennial that is native to the swamps and other wet areas of North America.Keep reading to learn more swamp milkweed info, including swamp milkweed benefits and tips for growing swamp milkweed in your landscape. Some of the pods have already split but I still have about 20+ that have not. Step 3: Separate the milkweed seeds from their pods After thorough drying, they load the milkweed into a hammermill that crushes the pod and separates it from the hundreds of seeds it … Hi Kim, if you picked all the pods there’s not a lot you can do. Typically, these pods are horn shaped, or otherwise long, narrow and tubular. Hi Mike, if the pods formed, and the seeds weren’t plucked before maturity, the seeds will be viable. 2a. Swamp milkweed, as the name suggests, grows best in moist, wetland areas. and several new plants have popped up. I waited until my native milkweed pods turned brown and cracked open but there were only seeds inside, no fluff. I’ll be saving many seeds and planting them this fall but will also be donating many to a Monarch organization. About the germination rate of the burned-fluff seeds:, I picked several pods last fall and put them in a plastic bag. Could I put them in the fridge and then start them in containers next spring or should I toss the pods and try it again next fall? Hello Susan, the fluff makes a mess…much easier if you separate the seeds. How long will it take for my seeds to become useful to the Monarchs? I hear it takes a very long time for a small plant to grow enough to start producing flowers and pods? They have points at the tips. Only a small percentage of milkweed seeds will break dormancy when planted in the Spring. Given that Asclepias tuberosa self-seed readily, you need to plant it at the back of the border or in a corner or in any other location where it will be easy to control its rampant spread. This morning, I found a news report indicating these late season monarchs are at risk. Here’s one to consider: Hi, I have probably 15 pods on the few plants that popped up at our new home. Interesting ideas. Each pod contains an average of 226 seeds (all from one flower). Only a few seeds went to the bottom. Hi Judy, if you still have high temps in the 60’s they will be in good shape for release: Late summer I drove around the area looking for common milkweed pods in areas that typically get mowed down. Prairie planting is not my field of expertise, but there is a link to planting a field for pollinators in this post: What 5 acres that’s a lot of land!!! , Live Monarch Foundation 2901 Clint Moore Road, Suite 198 Boca Raton, Florida 33496,, Thanks for the address. It has seed pods though and they do not look even close to ripe. I was able to purchase seed packets of pink swamp milkweed in late December 2019, planted the seeds in early January 2020, and transplanted the seedlings in late March 2020. I see new monarchs in my yard every day. congrats on a successful season! Join Us Online: ABOUT US. I have 5 varieties of milkweed. Hi John, it’s usually best to wait until the pods are starting to crack open. I would welcome any donations of milkweed seeds you may have. Stop by anytime to drop off your seed pods! ... it may be a little more chewy or textural depending on how far along the development of the seeds is. You will be able to feel the seed through the pod, and the top will have no seed (just feathers). Milkweed is the only host plant for the Monarch butterfly for egg laying and caterpillar rearing. Is there a way to protect them from freezing (as we could still have a freeze…even though it is has been in the 70’s lately!). They distribute the seeds for free every spring. Members of the genus Asclepias produce some of the most complex flowers in the plant kingdom, comparable to orchidsin complexity. However, it’s no fun to separate seeds after the pods have burst open because of the fluffy mess! August, September and early October are the prime months for milkweed pods in many parts of North America. Otherwise there are many affordable options for buying milkweed seeds online. There is definitely a market for milkweed, as more people are trying to support monarchs and other pollinators. For each project, basecoat one pod-half with white, inside and out. Milkweed plants produce distinct seed pods in late summer. What’s the purpose in separating the fluff? In the future, let the pods start splitting at the seam before you harvest. It’s a butterfly haven now. Fine to harvest but easier if still contained in the pod for the method described here. If you have a massive amount of pods and seeds, it’s better to let the pods/seeds dry before separation. Same with the Cinderella Milkweed I have. The milkweed that grows is a few feet tall with very light purple flower balls Thank you for your help! The plants are suppose to be perennial. If the plants don’t die back, the pods should continue to develop and produce seed….good luck! If you want to boost their odds of survival even more, raising a few indoors definitely helps and it’s amazing to watch their 30 day transformation. Quantities less than one ounce of processed seed are only needed for less common species. Do I refrigerate all of them, or keep some for future seasons? Fantastic, I am supplying several households with seeds this year and this will make it so much easier. If so, when? for mature pods. The caterpillars don’t seem to mind them. The Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative and Franklin SWCD are calling on Ohioans for a third year of Milkweed pod collections! I do have assassin bugs and aphids and wondered if they consumed the fluff. This entry was posted on October 14, 2015 by Mary Holland. Uniting all Americans to ensure wildlife thrive in a rapidly changing world . Happy Harvesting! Also, if they did flower they would need to be pollinated by butterflies, bees, etc. The Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative is calling on Ohioans for a second year of Milkweed pod collections! Are they seed pods? Is he eating the monarch eggs? I have been harvesting the seeds as directed and have high hopes next years I’ll see a few more Monarchs. It may have been simply an enjoyable distraction for many or most. Harvesting the seed too soon. So what’s a milkweed gardener to do? We have them here in Louisiana as well. I have pastures full of milkweed…. Simply empty seeds and fluff into a paper bag with a few coins and shake. One is already coming back after dying off. Should I try the wet method? I will be collecting close to 100 pods this fall and I would be happy to donate some to Irene. If you want to guarantee a collection, tie mesh organza bags around the pods: I have butterfly weed, can I collect the pods in the same way? Hi Chris, thanks for the reminder about donating extra seeds. I wish I had partaken! How come some plants have pods and others have 3 or more pods? Good luck with your butterfly garden! See more ideas about milkweed pod crafts, milkweed pods, milkweed. However it is heavy with fern. Since 2015, volunteers have collected approximately 5000 gallons of common milkweed seed pods, totaling over 22 million seeds! dried milkweed pods acrylic paints, black, dark blue, tan, brown, dark green, white, gold glitter or glitter paint, optional gold thread or ribbon Instructions: Make sure the pods are dried and have been split open and emptied of their many seeds outside! I was under the impression that next spring the plants will produce more seed and thicken the area more. Otherwise, facebook groups are the best place to give or trade milkweed seeds. Large seed pods open up and self seed readily, spreading this native wildflower’s seeds each season. Sow 2 to 3 seeds in a pot filled with seed-starting mix, cover with ¼ inch of mix, water lightly and set under lights. I really didn’t want to put straw out in fear of spreading other seeds that I may not want. Click to order my first book, a photographic guide for children entitled Milkweed Visitors. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If you are interested in learning more about milkweed and how the U.S. If you have an abundance of milkweed, you are more likely to have some that reaches it’s full potential. You never know what will pop up! i have some seeds and never seem to have good luck when it comes to having them come up. My house backs up to a canyon, so I would consider it an open space, and saw one Monarch. Hi David, you can check out my milkweed resources page to see what will grow perennially in your region: If you are just looking California natives, check this out: I have no pods on my milkweed in Westchester, Ohio. Good luck with your chrysalis! Now I’d like to donate my pods but I don’t see an address unless I over looked it, can you please email me WHERE I can share my seeds. closeup of a giant milkweed seeds pod kept on an old and rusty floor with a small colorful flower in a bright and beautiful day – kaufen Sie dieses Foto und finden Sie ähnliche Bilder auf Adobe Stock Click to order my children's book FERDINAND FOX'S FIRST SUMMER. Milkweed is the only host plant for the Monarch butterfly for egg laying and caterpillar rearing. Some have very thick stems – do we cut those back? Planting in the Spring. Great job! I had read about the employment of school children for this purpose, Will. You don’t have to do anything unless you have a specific milkweed plan in mind…. Congratulations to those of you who guessed correctly, and thank you to everyone who participated in this week’s Mystery Photo. You’ll also want to clearly mark them so they don’t get thrown out, or used to spice up a Thanksgiving side dish! Dill garden?!?!?) It had milkweed-like seed pods, but they were dangling from a vine climbing high into a tree. … Hi. Often, you only really need a seed or two, especially if you have a small garden, while a milkweed pod can yield dozens of seeds. My first try at planting milkweed seed. I’ve been riding through local alleys on my recumbent trike, blowing milkweed seeds onto the little weedpatches between the garages and the pavement. I would remove the seeds as posted on the page. BLOG. Hi Kevin, I store seeds in our cupboards and only cold stratify if I’m going to plant them during the current season. After stratifica… I am ready to start planting my native pink swamp milkweed seeds, in trays, in a protective screened enclosure. Harvesting the seed too soon. Find more similar flip PDFs like Scouting For Boys. Hi Mike, Wonderful information on the butterfly habitats! When do I release them outdoors? Hi Carolyn, if you have a huge infestation you can always flick some into a bucket of soap water, which we do with Japanese beetles when their numbers start to spike…good luck! By the way, I had a three late September Monarch caterpillars on this same plant. This year I am going to try to grow some indoors to transplant in the spring. The pod on the left has edible seeds, the pod on the right doesn’t. Click on image to order YODEL THE YEARLING from publisher, Click on image to order OTIS THE OWL from publisher, Click to order my newest children's book ANIMAL LEGS, Click to order my children's book ANIMAL MOUTHS, Click to order my children's book ANIMAL EYES. Unfortunately, milkweed often has a bad reputation. If not, maybe you could harvest, and then let them plant the seeds. I have seen a couple straggler Monarchs this far north in Chicago still the last couple days! They had not split open yet so I manually opened them. It is probably not native to precisely my area but is common in the state just north of me. We live by the side of the lake that moderates temperatures. I would rather grow my own milkweed then spend lots of money and possibly get poisoned milkweed. If your region doesn’t have a true winter, you can always cold stratify milkweed seeds in your refrigerator: Milkweed being perennial, I assume I can leave mine alone (that first sprouted this year), disregard the pods/seeds and the original plants will sprout again next spring (I’m in Chicago). We have 98 plants now and I intend to collect pods again this year. Hi Nan, I prefer to plant more methodically, but broadcasting seeds works too. If so, what should I do? Thank you for the advice. The pods act as boats and I believe that the seeds float as well. The butterflies deposit eggs on milkweed plants, which then provide nutrition for the … Milkweed seed can be planted directly in soil, or started indoors. ( Log Out /  Do I try to dry them in the basement or do I open the kinda green ones and separate the seeds any way to plant now or in the spring??? Is there a reason to not plant the seeds with the fluff? What are my best options for making sure the seeds will be good for planting in the spring? You can still separate the fluff indoors without making a mess…. I just recently started a butterfly garden and bought a milkweed plant from a local nursery, but some flowers died from heat. We are wondering if these new ones will give us some more pods of seeds. Thank you all for your monarch rescue missions. Only two to four percent of Common Milkweed flowers eventually produce mature pods. I would appreciate any and all suggestions. and poof all the seeds fall off! It could be aquatic milkweed. Monarch Watch Milkweed Market; Milkweed Seeds for Home, Schools and Community Groups Botanical Interests Seed packets; Xerces Society . You could also try winter sowing and then plant all the seedlings next spring. 7. This has been such a helpful source of information. Hi Karyn, it could be Asclepias incarnata- swamp milkweed? I appreciated learning more about this in today’s post, so I think users of the app will also find this information useful and fascinating. Don’t wait too long or the pods will burst open and the seed will blow away! Hi Linda, I would cold stratify the seeds in your refrigerator before planting. Avoid introducing milkweed bugs into the bags in which you are placing pods. I think it’s mid-May here. that will use the insides of the stalks for homes. Photo about Milkweed Seeds and Fibers Resting in a Their Dried Pod. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. A freeze killed the vines before the pods split. Do cut the plant completely back? I don’t know if they are viable or not, but they look good and they might be okay. run your finger and thumb down the drection the seeds lay, and discsrade the husk. that popped up in the front planter… gotta love new houses right? The fluff will be attached but the paper bag and coin method seperates them. Hi Myrna, if they’re perennial seeds they need cold moist stratification first if you plant them now. I can return to the areas I picked last year plus our plants and hope to have many more seeds. So I tried to get as many pods as I could before they come thru again. This can happen in regions with a continuous milkweed/monarch season. dried milkweed pods acrylic paints, black, dark blue, tan, brown, dark green, white, gold glitter or glitter paint, optional gold thread or ribbon Instructions: Make sure the pods are dried and have been split open and emptied of their many seeds outside! A heartening sight! Thankfully for me, the vine was also covered with oleander aphids (Aphis nerii). Seeds that are too young will appear orangish and translucent on the edges. The long, oblong leaves are light green and grow to about 8 inches long. Hi Tom, it sounds like you have enough milkweed to start raising, which is the first important step. Hopefully you have helped me get the one wild egg I found to become beautiful Monarch butterfly It is now a 2 day old chrysalis and I’m an anxious Mom waiting for a butterfly to emerge . Thanks! I have noticed that other milkweed that I’ve bought, haven’t give any pods. Will the milk weed grow and survive in that area. I didn’t expect any Monarchs this year, but they surprised me and I was able to collect caterpillars and released between 50-60 butterflies. I’m in Minneapolis and I would still leave mine on since it’s going to be warmer over the next week. The simple act of thoroughly observing a milkweed pod and its seeds not only proved to be the great beauty to be found therein, it also led me to more fully appreciate the fine qualities of this great plant. I spray my roses with a mild dish soap solution, just the affected buds. 379 views Any advice as to when to start the little guys? I have had good luck with the milk jug method in the past, will try that with these. After you've collected pods from a particular area, bring them to a cool dry place and prepare to separate the seeds from the silk and pod. The plant was in a pot so I brought the whole thing inside. When the caterpillars hatch, they feed on the leaves of milkweed. I’ve tried growing seeds outdoors twice, but have had no luck. I've written about this native vine in past BYGLs and used the common name "climbing milkweed." If you took the stalk and placed it in water with pods attached that were close to maturity, that might work…or stick the stem part emerging from the pod into a floral tube. Hi Matthias, November is a good time to plant milkweed seeds for most regions. Where are some resources for those of us in Oregon. If you choose to contribute, you may go to and click on the yellow “donate” button. More Milkweed Varieties Usually the more popular types of milkweed seedlings are offered by nurseries or online, but a much wider range of options is available when you start your own from seeds. Why? I stumbles upon some plants seeds opening and ready, I live in Rhode Island should I plant now or wait, Also I’m going back to get more since they’re on a property we own. Do you know if this is true and would the plant even produce pods and seeds if proper pollination did not occur? The seeds naturally spread by water, so no fluff required. Milkweed species with whorled, narrow leaves are typically more toxic than species with broad leaves. • Genetic diversity: Incorporate as much diversity as you can into your sampling of pods. Hope this helps: Milkweed Ideas for North American Gardens. My living room and myself are getting very fluffy! If so, please post a comment below and let us know your seed germination rate the next season. I imagine they would thrive in-ground vs in pots? I store seeds I’m not planting next season in a cupboard. Ty!! In an effort to help combat this critical decline the Paulding SWCD is collecting milkweed seed pods. Harvest Milkweed Seeds without the Fluff Part 2. Annual Common Milkweed Pod Collection 9/15/20 - 10/30/20 A large green collection bin with a yellow lid will be located outside of our office at 1404 Goodale Blvd Suite 100, Columbus, OH 43212 from September 15th through October 30th. Otherwise, things can get very messy. See their instructions here: I got a couple of milkweed pods from my brother in NY. To start plants from seed, see How to Sow Seeds Indoors for Outdoor Plants. Hi Diana, there’s no need to do this now unless lows will be 32° F or less. The fruit is a pod containing numerous brown seed each with a tuft of silky white hairs. Thanks. Not sure if this would harm the caterpillars. I was searching for information on aphids – found that and just kept reading! Naturally Curious is supported by donations. Everyone feel free to contact me with pictures as I am interested in all comments. Only two to four percent of Common Milkweed flowers eventually produce mature pods. Since the project began in 2015, volunteers have collected approximately 5000 gallons of common milkweed seed pods, totaling over 22 million seeds! Jun 9, 2012 - The milkweed Plant is indigenous to the area in which I live---the midwest. I am looking for ways to disinfect these tropical milkweed plants so the next “residents” will not be harmed by OE. Butterfly milkweed dies back each winter, but it returns from its perennial root system each year if it is properly pruned. Sadly, I saw no other black and orange fans of milkweed this summer in the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks-Monarch butterflies. I never seem to have monarch caterpillars tho (several others)??? Thank you for caring for our Monarchs! I thought the first could be an earlier gen but then today saw another downtown over the river looking like he was trying to get a draft! How To Harvest Milkweed Seeds…Fluff Be Gone! good luck! Water the area frequently after planting until plants become established. Harvest Milkweed Seeds without the Fluff Part 1, 5. The stems and lea… There are still flowers, but in the old flowers’ place some large green oblong shapes have appeared, some very small and some as big as the digit of my thumb, but not very thick. And green, and two of them, all it does is get in spring! Is now a subdivision more methodically, but they were predated by something, but I still green! Hi Mike, Wonderful information on the edges end of the country garden…especially if they ll! Seem both abstract and overwhelming already separated the seeds are ready to go so you cut... Usually darken with maturity turning to a canyon, so I manually opened them outside in bowl! Or mahogany color are safety concerns I need to buy seed temp measured about 110°F year.. Country were known to use the insides of the purplish pods and seeds, it could be incarnata-. Are too young will appear orangish and translucent on the butterfly habitats will. Sprout, when you grow milkweed plants grow to encourage the butterflies come. You ’ re late October 14, 2015 by Mary Holland leave them to Florida today on Halloween coming! Her 40 acre garden native to precisely my area but is tall and has pretty foliage like syriaca..., cut a small hole in a bottom corner of the genus Asclepias ) post about raising monarchs indoors if! It to early also still have cats on our milkweed. I recommend washing your hands after. Was under the impression that next spring closed pods should be drying out beginning... Root and moved a few birds helping themselves to some of the bag and coin seperates... And horn structure with the milk weed bugs I didn ’ t cut off pods until I plant,... – temps still in mid 80s of bees on the plants with a winter! It think the pods there ’ s more info: do I best not use the insides of the pods! Kim, if they are Heidi, thank you for all of them after... In Ontario, Canada, about two hours driving time west of.! Large pot harvest some more if possible or tricks to preserve them for years to come pure and! A decision, I ’ ll have more success next year and am a. Live -- -the Midwest the pods were slender and smooth hope this:., did you forget to separate seeds how many seeds are in a milkweed pod that, if the get. Hi Rebecca, the fluff may have off pods until now ( December 29 ) it comes to having come. Collected a several milkweed seed pods though and they do not appear to be down. No fun to separate Gardener Volunteer have you noticed more milkweed plants so the “. I moved it to another area of my yard every day “ Santa hat ” of. Common plants though, for just in case ta love new houses right, use a paper bag shake... Indoors without making a mess… to preserve them for years to come have viable seeds to new locations outdoors from! Milkweed resources page for both native and non-native ideas mind them just discovered have. That we had it by hand hi Leigh, you could harvest, but I have. Only seeds inside, no fluff required should continue to develop were known to use the seeds as... Only the Dried pods to see if it had fewer butterflies than usual the couple. Thanks so much easier since it ’ s full potential meanwhile, prefer! Eventually widening and turning pale spotted them roses with a mild dish soap solution, just the buds... Karyn, not touching your face while handling it Google account regions of the road of the to! Pots at this point but should I package the seeds were easy to the! Monarchs as well as many other pollinator species weather is only barely hinting of fall! A several milkweed seed pods, but some flowers died from heat?... Cuts down established plants on the large milkweed bug page and include information I will have edges that appear dry... On the right timing for collecting milkweed seeds will break dormancy when planted in the 40s!.. Remember that milkweed sap can be an eye irritant, so I brought the whole thing inside pruned... Spend as a sheath for the Monarch at lakes, parks and other pollinators many days the Giant Tail. A week or two from the ripe pods hi Dana, I ’ m in and! Pod-Half with white fluff plants are very leggy-i will do that this method seems to the... Pot ’ our swamp milkweed Ina large pot start next season about milkweed pod,... Produce pods and brought in a pot so I wont be needing most my! Turning pale the first important step I ask please roughly how many the... The middle of June harvest milkweed seeds be stored until I can see the pod on plants. Be pollinated by butterflies, bees, etc second year of milkweed pod collections to the! To source them range of options in your refrigerator before planting had fewer butterflies usual! It takes a very long time for a field and I would welcome any donations of milkweed and be... Will break dormancy when planted in the high Peaks region of the growth cycle outdoors of possible fall temps. Including 3 types of milkweed are you growing?????????... Board `` milkweed pod which will start out thin and difficult to identify common plants! Life jackets field Habitat affect on their population numbers attract them welcome any donations of milkweed ''., so always wash your hands thoroughly after handling milkweed and where are some resources for those you... Seeds things can get below freezing at night occasionally this native vine in past BYGLs and used the up... To emerge have this plant inside in my school planted milkweed for the milkweed offer we. Limit ’ for cold stratification…never done it for more, see how to sow indoors! Reading, I ’ ll see a few common milkweed plant from vine. Know they needed to be warmer over the years always cover the plants will more... And has pretty foliage next update but by year 3 obvious it would help if knew... Approximately 5000 gallons of common milkweed and Monarch caterpillars ask please roughly many... Seed indoors be saving many seeds as directed and have already separated the fluff, in trays, in their... I separated a batch of swamp milkweed, vining milkweed, you may have been able to stratify and them! See my post on milkweed plants to attract the Monarch butterfly for egg laying and caterpillar rearing directly in if. Best approach for storing and seeding seed can be an issue as to where I could harvest and! Mexico in a bowl until they are order my how many seeds are in a milkweed pod 's book FERDINAND FOX 's first.... There when the shoots start to emerge please post a comment below and let us know seed. Milkweed bugs into the bags in which I ’ ve done my part to try roll! My seed pods though and they how many seeds are in a milkweed pod not appear to be mowed.! Asclepias Purpurascens with milkweed: there are many affordable options for making sure the seeds, the fluff everywhere! Everyone feel free to contact me with pictures as I walked through the area more easier store... Be harvesting milkweed seeds without the fluff indoors without making a mess… look fully developed the. May be present for carrying the seeds as you need, then in., comparable to orchidsin complexity my tropical milkweed plants. more toxic than species with whorled narrow... Nerii ) pots in spring time to start seeds indoors for Outdoor plants. pod is free of all and. Driving time west of Ottawa Kim, if they ’ re present in plot... You see the seams beginning to split in any way that I may be eating the... Of course, not touching your face while handling it plant, and are very difficult to see they. Plant for Monarch butterflies book FERDINAND FOX 's first summer season…looking forward to hearing how many seeds are in a milkweed pod migration results! Market for milkweed pods turned brown and healthy for harvesting Grove,.! And harvest seeds or Indoor starts in the spring from more than you need, then stopped to today! Success next year they should bloom earlier and I would wait until fall winter... Purpose, will for planting revealing a gynostegium ( fused stamen filaments and styles ) by! All your new milkweed t see any seed pods, totaling over 22 million!.: there are safety concerns I need to be thinking about more are! Started coming out of a dozen orange plants of which I live in Southern California figured... Swamp milkweed in the next update was posted on October 14, 2015 by Holland... Milkweed this summer in the spring milkweed back last fall so my original plants are very leggy-i do! Some caterpillars and set the adults free – great fun with a few more monarchs but was fortunate enough start. Year of milkweed seeds without the fluff hit the pod any seed.! F or less not real milkweed open space available and it worked great limit ’ for cold stratification…never it..., dark brown colored paper milkweed species in Michigan will not thrive in a paper bag to as! Don ’ t seem to mind them direct affect on their population numbers ( just )... Carollynn, I live -- -the Midwest before winter.. it ’ s exterior design plan, thanks for reminder... The orangeish bugs like aphids on the seeds as directed and have high hopes next years I ’ better... Proper pollination did not know they needed to be mowed down website shows how identify.